Curcumin Colour


Curcumin is the principle pigment of Turmeric and provides a bright, strong yellow colour. This pigment is extracted from the plant as an oleoresin which is then further purified to strengthen and stabilize the colour.

Curcumin is an oil soluble pigment that is available in convenient water dispersible forms that are used in a wide range of Food Products. It is extremely heat stable and may generally be used in products that fall in the acid pH range.

Curcumin is known to give intense colour with bright yellow appearance even at low dosages.

Product Forms Available
  • Water Soluble Powder and Liquid – Up to 30% Pigment
  • Oil Soluble Liquid – Up to 30% Pigment.
Recommended Dosage Level

Start with 0.01% ~0.1% and adjust based on the application requirement.


Yoghurt Yoghurt
Ice Cream Ice Cream
Pickels Pickels
Seasonings Seasonings
Consistent in Hues, Versatile in Choice

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