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Overview Largest Range of Caramel Colours

Caramel Colour is Yellowish Brown to Blackish Brown Colour produced by heating food grade carbohydrates like Corn Syrup or Sugar in a controlled environment in the presence of alkalis. The colour is naturally stable in application conditions like acidity, direct Sunlight and high process temperatures.

International Classes

Aarkay is a Global Supplier and India's largest manufacturer of Burnt Sugar Syrups & Caramel Colours spread under 4 International Classes both in liquid as well as powder forms.

  • Burnt Sugar Syrups
  • E150a or Type I > Plain Caramel Colour
  • E150b or Type II > Caustic Sulphite Process Caramel Colour
  • E150c or Type III > Ammonia Process Caramel Colour
  • E150d or Type IV > Ammonia Sulphite Process Caramel Colour
Recommended Dosage Level

The dosage level starts with 0.01 % - 0.1 % and is adjusted based on the application requirement.

Largest Range of Caramel Powder

Aarkay is a global leader in manufacturing a very wide and versatile range of Powdered Caramel Colours with shades ranging from Super Yellow to Yellow Brown to Reddish Brown to Darkest Black. These Powdered Caramel Colours are developed keeping in mind their colour appeal and stability in a variety of applications like Cake Premixes, Noodle Taste Makers, Soups, Seasonings, Protein Premixes and Dry Blends among others.

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Caramel Colours
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Caramel Powders

ApplicationsOne of the most widely consumed food colouring
ingredient in the world

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