Condiment Sauces And Mayo


When it comes to fast foods like Burgers, Pizzas, Salads, Sandwiches or similar snacks, it is hard to imagine them without any add on Sauces like Mayonnaise, Dips, Dressing or Condiment Sauces in them. Not only do they complement the food perfectly, they add the flavor, taste and colour to an otherwise mundane food.

Aarkay has created an ingredients portfolio dedicated to Condiment Sauces application. From a rich creamy Mayonnaise to sweet tangy Vinaigrette to zesty tasty dips, we have ingredients to match your product ideas and help you create your perfect product portfolio.

Aarkays product portfolio has many Spray Dried Ingredents which are used in these applications. They provide Taste, Colour and Tenure to the end product.