Annatto Colour


Annatto Colour is extracted from the seeds of a plant called Bixa Orellana which is found in America, Africa and some parts of Asia. These seeds are deep red in colour and give two pigments, Bixin which is oil soluble and Norbixin which is water soluble.

Bixin, being oil soluble, is used in Products such as Butter, Table Spreads, Margarine, Cream Fillings for Biscuits and other fat based products.

Norbixin has been traditionally used in Cheese Coloration but now finds application in a variety of products like Beverages, Breadcrumbs, Flour Confectionery, Dairy Products and Ice Creams.

Annatto has become a preferred Natural Colouring option for Food and Beverage Manufacturers who want to give Yellowish Orange to Dark Orange Colour to their Products. Aarkay is a pioneer and one of largest manufacturers of Annatto Colour in India, offering a wide range of Annatto Colours in Water Soluble, Oil Soluble and Encapsulated forms which have good heat and light stability.

Product Forms Available
  • Oil Soluble Liquid - Up to 7.5% Bixin.
  • Water Soluble Liquid - Up to 7.5% Norbixin.
  • Water Soluble Powder - Up to 30% Nor Bixin Content.
Recommended Dosage Level

Start with 0.01% ~0.1% and adjust based on the application requirement.


Butter Butter
Annatto Colour Baked Goods Baked Goods
Ice Cream Ice Cream
Seasonings Seasonings
Consistent in Hues, Versatile in Choice

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