April, 2021 Aarkay introduces new grades to its Cheese Powders range targeting Dips, Mayo and Condiment Sauces

Aarkay is delighted to share that we have introduced a new range of Cheese Powders coming under our High Purity/Pure Cheese Powder Category. These Cheese Powders have been made with low or no carriers and in presence of emulsifying salts and have an excellent mouth feel with strong Cheesy note which melts right in your mouth and gives a creamy lingering taste.

The Nutrition profile of this product is also superior compared to other grades thus enabling our customers to get the targeted Fat and Protein percentages in their end products without using additional sources.

No Enzyme Modification process or any ingredients stemming from this process have been used to make these Cheese Powders. This allows our customers to avoid any unnecessary compliance or labelling constraints arising out of enzymes and its usage.

The targeted application of this Cheese Powder is Dips, Mayo and Condiment sauces due to its superior taste, wholesome profile and good body composure during wet application. However, this range of Cheese Powders can also be used in Biscuit Fillings, Desserts and Savoury applications.

Our Cheese Powders Range is free from any artificial and nature identical flavouring substances.

Please request a sample or contact us for further information or assistance.

Location - India
Date - April 2021